9 Lives

Here’s the game I was talking about months ago that I never finished but I feel it got pretty far just needs some more tweaks until I would consider it finished I feel it’s pretty easy and doesn’t need much explanation it’s another INFINITE JUMPER if I haven’t lost you yet then go ahead and give it a try WAD or Arrows to move and yes W and UP can make you jump higher

Go ahead and…

:::::Play here:


Shmup Prototype

For the past couple days I’ve been working on a shmup prototype I thought I would share I think it feels really good, but would like some others thoughts. image

It’s an arena shmup with a heavy focus on how the ship feels when moving. Anyways check it out. 

How to play:

::::::Put on some music I have no sound effects or music in place yet

Seriously read this if you’re planning to play

1. Move with WASD

2.Shoot with left mouse button

3.Aim with mouse

4.When the BOX IN THE CENTER OF THE SCREEN turns white you can go pick up extra ammo.

Important stuff!!!!

1.YELLOW/ORANGE ENEMIES can only be defeated if there is at least ONE RED and ONE GREEN and NO BLUE enemies on screen.

2.PURPLE ENEMIES can only be defeated if there is ONE RED and ONE BLUE enemy on screen and NO GREEN enemies.

3.WHITE ENEMIES can only be defeated if there is ONE OF EACH PRIMARY COLOUR on screen.

PLAY HERE::::::::::::::::::::::


Quick Update

So I’ve been fine tuning the gameplay for my game and the past few days have been about making it run as fast as I possibly can so that if there ever has to be more objects on screen than I’m currently using than it won’t bog down. Also the search for an artist has definitely not been working I think I may end up having to try and do my own which sucks but could be a good experience for me.

Cautiously Optimistic

My current project is actually going along very well I have a level that’s perfect for testing. Best of all though I actually have it running on my phone, making me a very happy camper. Still looking for an artist though.

Artist Wanted

Looking for an artist to create the look for my game. Message me if interested.

Back in Buisiness!

Focus this time idiot.

Hey! How is it going on the game developin' front?

To be honest not so well. I’ve been swamped with schoolwork and my job. Also I’ve found the need for a real artist. How are things for you? 

My Growing Collection

Still need Ghost Recon:Shadow Wars, Steel Diver, Mario Tennis Open, Monster Hunter, Cave Story, and if they ever release a single card with a bunch of downloadables I’d love for it to have Pushmo, Crashmo, Dillon’s Rolling Western, Sakura Samurai, Ketzal’s corridors, and the upcoming Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move(I would’ve bought that on it’s own on a cartridge). This list obviously is not including any upcoming boxed releases otherwise it would be a lot longer.

Point of view

I’m not a professional gamer I don’t review games for money, and I certainly don’t play them for money. Tonight I just beat Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and I had a blast. The graphics are lovely, and the humour and charm on more than one occasion had me actually laughing audibly, and the gameplay itself is a natural extension of the original’s, and the depth of it all astounds me. During my playthrough I had only died twice, and I never got fed up with a puzzle( I found them quite natural, and never obtuse).

Dat’s some nice looking snow there Luigi.

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So I’m minding my own business playing Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon, when I catch something in the corner of my eye during one of the levels. I zoom in a little closer, to see what it is, and I see this.



http://iam-jacks-smirkingrevenge.tumblr.com/post/35741400918/xxjungleteemoxx-its-a-mysteryyyyy That totally reminds me of this thing from Super Mario 3d Land… Have fun sleeping tonight.